Rain water harvesting theme Park unique kind of park located road no : 51 , jubilee hills to promote Rainwater harvesting and also create awareness to citizens ,NGO’s and Schools children’s on various Water Harvesting methods. Rain water Harvesting Theme park consisting of more than 40 interventions on the theme of Water conservation, Rainwater Harvesting, Groundwater recharge, Water treatment and Sewerage treatment.

There is one Information center in the Theme Park, consisting three blocks.

Display Gallery

  •  Consistingof display charts on Water conservation,
  •  Rainwater Harvesting,
  •  Groundwater Recharge,
  •  Water Treatment and Sewerage Treatment
  •  live Weather monitoring Station etc.

Animation Center

  •  Consist of Holographic projection on the process of Water Treatment and Sewerage Treatment,
  •  Virtual reality show on Water Drop Journey from the Source to Hyderabad in 3D,
  •  Video games on RWH
  •  Talking tree on Rain forest.


Short films on Water Drop Journey on 2D and Rainwater Harvesting etc




1) Free entry for the students of all Government and Private Schools, citizens and Senior citizens etc., who are interested to know about Water conservation / Rainwater Harvesting to the RWH Theme Park.
2) Register on line to take permission to visit to RWH Theme park and book slot duly furnishing all required information.
3) Every Sunday is working day and Monday is holiday to the park.
4) Timings of RWH Theme Park are 10.00AM to 12.00Noon and 2.00PM to 4.00PM.
5) Each batch should consist of 50members and lesser than it.
6) Care takers / teachers should accompany for every 10 / 15Students.
7) Drinking Water and dust bins are available in the park.
8) Walk on walking paths only.
9) Two Wash rooms (One for Male and one for Female) are available in the Lucafe at the entrance of the park.


1) Don’t spoil the plants by plucking the leaves or flowers in the park.
2) No eatables are allowed inside and don’t throw waste inside the park.
3) Don’t walk and sit in the Lawns.
4) Spitting of Pan / Chewing Gum or any unwanted material and smoking are strictly prohibited in the park area.
5) Don’t bring pet animals inside the park.
6) Don’t touch any instrument or any material inside.