Water Leadership and


HMWSSB is presently supplying about 440 MGD of water to the GHMC area,drawing water from long distance sources of Krishna and Godavari involving huge power expenditure of about Rs.70 crores per month. HMWSSB has carried out the analysis on Unaccounted for Water (UFW) and Non-Revenue Water (NRW) wherein it is observed that about 40% of water is unaccounted in the Revenue Billing System. After detailed analysis. it was noticed that about 40% of UFW. minimum about 5%. ie. about 20 MGD of water appears to be a physical loss which is mostly happening at the supply areas at customer locations.

Further, the impact of such physical losses/ wastage at the customer point is leading to damages to the roads, contamination of water and causing unhygienic conditions in the area apart from the indirect economic Loss of substantial amount towards power expenditure for lifting such water from the source to the customer point.

In view of the above. HMWSSB decided to focus on conserving this water and to utilize in other water stressed areas by instituting a Water Leadership and Conservation network (WaLC) for educating the customers on prevention of wastage of water through public participation by involving the public representatives particularly the local corporators and MLAs of their respective wards/constituencies.

Proposed Role for the WaLC:
  • Act as an interface platform to integrate the technical. economic and social dimensions of water of water.
  • Bring in various approaches and methods on water conservation and reduction of wastage of water.
  • Take responsibility to demonstrate on ground with support from identihed NGOs duly involving the local leadership.
  • Establish baseline data on wastage of water and monitor the impact of the conservation initiatives over a period of time.