Who is WaLC volunteer?

Individuals register themselves as WaLC volunteers through mobile app indicating their availability to work as WaLC volunteers. HMWSSB officials coordinate with these volunteers and jointly conduct awareness programs to sensitize citizens on water conservation & reduction of wastage of water. The volunteers pledge themselves to save water and motive their friends and neighbors to become volunteers and spread the messages on reduction of water wastage. Volunteers work through organized citizen groups such as Self Help Group Women, Community Resource Persons, Slum Level Federation members, Resident Welfare Associations, Non-Govt. Organizations, colleges etc. in order to reach more public in short possible time to create the impact.

WaLC mobile app has been launched to facilitate the volunteer registration process. The App is available on play store and every volunteer can download the app and register themselves mentioning details about their availability and intended location of work. WaLC alliance aims to enroll 25,000 volunteers from various citizen groups be it youngsters, senior citizens, corporate employees, NGO members etc.

Role of WaLC Volunteer

  • 1.Mobilize more Volunteers in your areas
  • 2.Support the Ward level wise trainings and awareness campaigns
  • 3.Identify the key stakeholders groups i.e Watchmen, maids, RWA leaders, students from schools & colleges, senior citizen associations, NGOs etc. for delivering the key messages on reduction of wastage of water , economizing usage, recharge of ground water.
  • 4.Promote water saving devises such as flow restricted taps, aerated taps, to minimize the usage of water, and fixation of water meters to monitor the usage.
  • 5.Motivate the households for Rain Water Harvesting structures duly linking the technical support.
  • 6.If any leakages or pollution in water supply are observed by volunteers in their localities or anywhere on the road it shall be informed to the concerned officials immediately or through 155313.