HMWSSB is spending an average of Rs. 115 crores on operation and maintenance per month, of which Rs. 75 crores is spent only on electricity for pumping and supplying water. The Board is spending Rs. 45 per kilo litre (1000 ltrs), but is subsidizing the domestic users by charging only Rs. 10 per KL. It has been observed that this precious water is being abused and wasted by the users at different levels. An internal assessment done by the HMWSSB revealed that about 38% of water is unaccounted for, of which about 20 million gallons of water appears to be physical losses at customer premises during supply timings, which is equivalent to quench thirst of nearly 6 lakh population. Further, the impact of such losses/wastage is leading to road damages, water contamination and unhygienic conditions apart from indirect economic loss of substantial amounts incurred by the Board. Keeping this background in view, and the need for reduction of wastage of water and its conservation, the WaLC (Water Leadership and Conservation ) Alliance has emerged. WaLC acts through volunteers from different fields who themselves pledge on reduction of wastage of water and support HMWSSB in raising awareness among the citizens to bring accountability for judicious use of water.